"Heaven's Gate"

Sweet Breeze (Main Title)

Slow Water

Immigrant Road

Village Dance

Ella's Waltz


"The Sicilian"

The Sicilian (Main Title)

That's Life, Gentlemen


"Year of the Dragon

Procession to Ban Sung's Camp

Connie's Theme (Discuss Separation)

The Bribery Attempt


"Desparate Hours"

The Chase (Main Title)

The Jailbreak

Dumping The Body


"The Last Keepers"

Cha Téid Mise


"Sophie And The Rising Sun"

Sophie's Theme
Missed Rendezvous
Destroyed Garden
Oh No!
 Ann Flees Church

 Ruth Drives to the Cabin

 Run And Tell Ohta

Ruth Arrives
Nissei Camp
 Ohta Walking To Town

 Beautiful Dreamer



Barbara Allen

Lily Sees Allaphare

Conversation With Death

Love Is In The Air

The Fire

Barbara Allen (End Credits)


"Good Morning Killer"

Main Title

Drugged Juliana

A Situation

Stood Up

Going Camping

Midnight Call


Scholar's Garden

Victorious Spirit


"Comfort and Joy"

Jane Says Grace

Jane's Interrogation



Opening Montage

Emma Wakes In Hawaii

Flowers In Emma's Hair

Keep Our Family Close

Rescue (excerpt)


"Get A Clue"

Lexy's Black Beret




"What Makes A Family"



"The Ballad of Little Jo"

Parasol Road

Tin Man (Suite)

Ballad For Little Jo


"Los Razones Del Corazon"

Main Title

Dressing For Nico

Deathbed Lullaby


"El Carnaval De Sodoma"

Opening Music

Carnival Music

Mosqueteros Theme

Tango Again

Liu's Goodbye

Princess of Jade

The Lesbian's Music


"Asi Es La Vida (Such Is Life)"





"Profundo Carmesi"

Main Title


Junkyard Burial


"El Evangelio De Las Marvillas (Divine)"

Main Title

Dorita Is Dead

Between the Toes

Angry Fish


"El Coronel No Tiene Quien Le Escriba (Nobody Writes To The Colonel)"

Es Viernes




Peter Askin's "Certainty"

Main Title

Christmas Party

Definitely Doable

Awareness Exercise



Bus Ride Home


"Coming Up Roses"

Someone You Care For


"Then She Found Me"

Kitchen Floor

Chaotic School

The Letter

Drop Me?

First Dinner

Frank Walks Again

Big Mistake

Baby Mine


"The Guitar"


Thoughts Of Suicide

Nice Dress

Hard Way (with Peter Case)

First Flashback


"Stephaney Daley"

Opening Credits

In Bed - Water

Corey's House

Birth Dream

End Credits, Part 2



Flirty 2

Throwing Clams

Clamming Date

Talking To Dad



Drive To New Jersey

High Plains

Beautiful Dreamer

Arrive At Motel

Carrying The Body

I'm Going Camping

I Always Wanted Kids

To Aunt Tranny's

Stolen Car


"The Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood"

Time Interview

Vivi Removes Photos

Ya-Ya Drive #1

Visiting Atlanta

Ya-Ya Drive #3

Confession/Run Away

The Beating


The Reconciliation

Sidda Is Initiated


"The Apostle"

Busride Jubilee

Far Side of Jordan

To Blackwell's



Making Up

A Few Laughs


 "Fresh Horses"

Side Of The House


"A Good Baby"

Good Baby Theme

Raymond and Josephine


It's All Over (End Credits)


"Miss Firecracker"

Entering The Contest

Carnelle Visits MacSam


Delmont Leaves Elaine


"Late For Dinner"

Jess' Bad Dream

Willie Sees A Calendar

Driving Home

Jess Mistaken For Joy

Jess Meets Frank

Joy And Willie



"Flora's Garment Bursting Into Bloom"

Baggott Street

The Galway Shawl


"Me And Veronica"

New Wall



Main Title

Van Comes Home


 "Dark Harbor"

Main Title

Going For Coffee

Picnic Lunch


End Credits



Night Swim

Body Shot

Opening Up The Studio

Painting Sam's Photos


"Outlaws: The Legend of O.B. Taggart"

O. B. Is Free

Hey Piggy

Walk With Jenny

Leaving Molly's


"Club Paradise"

Linda Goes Parasailing


"Broken Trail"


Tracking Billy Fender

Guardian Moon

Taking The Girls To Town

Rape And Escape

The Horses Are Corraled

The Final Shootout

Nola's Letter (Epilogue)



Crusade Of The People

Dewey Defeats Truman

Senator From Nowhere


"A Streetcar Named Desire" (HBO)

Main Title

Evening Star

My Executioner

Death Madness

Tiger, Tiger

Another Poker Party

Kindness of Strangers

End Credits


"The Mouse and the Motorcycle" (ABC)

Main Title

Ralph's Big Ride


"Premio Nacional de Arte"

Series Theme



Main Titles

Meet Luther


“Left On Purpose”

Main Title


Justin Goes Home

The Garden

Chicago ’68

Bob Fass


"Five Minutes, Mr. Welles"

Meet Orson



Double Agent

Don't Be So Gloomy

End Credits


Weston Woods / Scholastic's "I Could Do That! Esther Morris Gets Women The Vote"

Learning To Sew

Moving To Illinois

Another Millinery

Esther Supports The Bill


Weston Woods / Scholastic's "Giraffes Can't Dance"

Giraffes Can't Dance


Weston Woods / Scholastic's "A Very Brave Witch"

A Very Brave Witch (entire score)


Weston Woods / Scholastic's "I'm Dirty"

I'm Dirty (excerpt 1)

I'm Dirty (excerpt 2)


Weston Woods / Scholastic's "What Do You Do With A Tail Like This?"

Main Title


Weston Woods / Scholastic's

"Henry's Freedom Box"



Steal Away



 Weston Woods / Scholastic's

"The Curious Garden"

Discovering The Garden


"Free Delivery"

End Credits, Part 1

End Credits, Part 2


Weston Woods / Scholastic's "Bink and Gollie"

End Titles


Weston Woods / Scholastic's "Bink and Gollie, Two for One"

Part 1


Weston Woods / Scholastic's "Creepy Carrots"

Creepy Carrots (entire score)


Weston Woods / Scholastic's "Exclamation Mark"

Exclamation Mark (entire score)



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